Ball screws and nuts

Ball screws and nuts

The precision ball screw shaft is an assembly that is capable of converting rotary motion into linear motion and vice versa. This assembly is composed of three components, the shaft screw, the ball nut and the rollin. The rotation of the screw turns the balls through the screw spirals causing the ball nut is moved by the screw. These assemblies are used to move elements with high precision and high efficiency.


- Machine tool
- Extrusion machines
- Injection molding machines
- Wood industry
- Medical industry
- Textile industry
- Paper and printing industry
- Food and packaging industry
- Automation and positioning
- Electrical and electronic
and others ...

Our company have a wide variety of ball screws with nuts, as well as accessories to complete the drive. We can also offer these products in top brands like SKF, NSK, INA, THOMSON, etc...

Machining workshop and ball nuts repair

In our assembly shop and machining we can offer these drives adapted to your needs:
- Machining of the ends according to customer's drawings.
- Mounting the ball screw end bearing supports.
- Preload of ball screw nuts.
- Revision, repair and replacement of old ball screws.