Linear guides

Linear guides

Precision linear rails are usually compact systems consisting of groved longitudinal rails and ball or roller blocks, offering high rigidity and high load capacity. These systems are self-supporting because they can absorb large efforts and moments from any direction of the rail, except that of the movement, for this reason a single block can be mounted on one rail.

These systems are guided by high precision due to their constructive form. All rails have tempered and rectified grooves where they recirculate the balls or rollers of the block, obtaining positioning repeats unique in the market. They are available with different types of precision and preload and are suitable for applications with high requirements of guidance and positioning.

Another advantage of these systems is that different types of block can be combined with the same rail within the same size. This implies better logistics and economic savings. Each item can be purchased and stored separately without having to change both at once.

These systems also offer a wide range of blocks with different construction forms, as well as accessories for lubrication and sealing.

TLA has a range of blocks and economic components to be able to adapt to your needs.

Patins de boles estàndar


- Different precision and preloads
- Different executions
- High speeds
- Low noise level
- High rigidity
- Steel

Anti-corrosion - linear guideways LTBC


The LTBC coating consists of a layer of low thickness black chrome, and makes it possible to obtain simultaneously a good resistance to wear and an important effect corrosion protection
Thickness of the layer: from 2 to 10μm.

Miniature ball rail systems


Miniature rail systems offer a great load capacity in a very compact dimensions. These blocks and rails are made of stainless steel.
Areas of application:
- Optics
- Computing
- Printing machines
- Medicine
- Laboratory

Aluminium ball rail systems


Aluminiums accurate profile rails and ball bearing runner blocks are designed especially for all sorts of linear movements and are therefore suitable for use in most types of machinery.
The rails consist of wrought alumi­nium having two pressed-in hardened stainless steel shafts serving as the raceways for the balls of the runner blocks.
Advantages are the light weight and corrosive­resistant materials.
With this combination it is possible for us to offer a guide system which achieves a good price/ performance ratio.